Faith delights to be one expression of God's heart for Northern Nevada. We seek to serve locally, nationally, and globally.  Below are some ways we engage people to make God's love known to Reno and beyond.



Prayer is the hard work of ministry.  It is the spark that ignites the fuel of Faith's engine so we can demonstrate God's love to the North Valleys and Reno.  It is our regular habit to gather for prayer so that we can focus on the Lord, others, and ourselves.  We enjoy praying for others and often ask people we meet how we can pray for them.  So, how can we pray for you?


Spreading Joy

Jesus is our greatest treasure and from Him we obtain our greatest pleasure.  Therefore, we want others to know Him and the joy He gives. We share the Good News of Jesus locally through evangelism and cross culturally through missions, nationally and globally.  We seek to spread the joy of Jesus everywhere!   #KnowChrist #GrowInHim #MakeDisciples

Home Groups/Small Groups

Faith believes that godly life transformation best happens with a few people gathered for active discipleship and service to others.  Like the early church, Faith consistently gathers in homes and small groups to become more like Jesus. Currently we have groups that meet on Sunday morning and during the week. We have groups for men, women, teens, and big groups in general.  Which one is a fit for you?



Equip Biblical Institute is one facet of Faith's education process that assists us in making disciple for Jesus from all nations.  This equipping includes building biblical knowledge, Christian character, and ministry skills. The vision is to provide EBI Church Planting and Leadership Training Centers at no charge to local churches.  Maybe this is a fit for you?



Faith is blessed to have the accumulated wisdom of many people who have been there, done that, gotten many T-shirts....and survived.  Our Seniors show us that God is faithful throughout our life.  They model what it means to live godly lifestyles and invest their example, knowledge, and wisdom into our younger people.  We have a place for any age!



Young people are not the church of tomorrow but of NOW.  They can know Christ, make Him known, and follow Him today.  We desire that they know God loves them just as they are while having a grand plan for their future so they can grow and mature into transformed, compassionate, and godly adults.  Faith has an increasing amount of children/teens.  We invite you to partner with us and their family in helping them know Christ! We provide youth, children, and preschool ministries at both of our locations. 



God delights to hear His people delightfully sing His praises.  Our style of music is a mix of updated traditional and contemporary.  Some songs are upbeat and will get you clapping while others are more contemplative causing us to be in awe of God.  Our Worship Team is multi-generational and volunteer their talents to help us focus on our greatest treasure, God himself.  We hope you will add your voice with ours and sing His praises!


Community Serve

Faith enjoys being a part of the North Valleys and Old Northwest areas of Reno.  We extend the knowledge & love of God to our community through safe opportunities for local residents to gather for fun and faith at Easter & Halloween, provide local school teachers with gift baskets, and participate in local events so Reno can know God loves our City.